• The Ease

    Centre. Move. Restore. Ease into this slow, gentle practice that will allow you to cultivate space, relaxation and freedom. This class is an invitation to connect with your body and breath as you allow stress to fall away.  A combination of mindful movement, breath and restorative postures. The Ease is a practice that is accessible to all students seeking to... Learn More
  • The Release

    Open. Stretch. Rejuvenate. A yin yoga offering created for you to restore the body in a gentle practice where postures, mainly focused on the lower body, are passively held for several minutes. The Release supports the body’s healing of injury, making it an effective physiotherapeutic practice. This practice is an all levels class with the potential to be a powerful... Learn More
  • The Flow

    Move. Expand. Community. A full body and mind conditioning vinyasa flow yoga class. The instructor will incorporate a variety of modifications for students and their respective levels, creating a communal space for everyone to work within their own practice. This will allow beginners the opportunity to explore more complex sequences and peak poses, while providing a challenge for more advanced... Learn More
  • The Power Flow

    Explore. Transform. Deepen. A dynamic vinyasa flow yoga practice that builds on The Flow.  Students will be cued for more advanced variations of arm balances and inversions and the flow invites space for more heat and vigour.  This class will challenge your body + mind to push beyond their limits. We recommend that you have some experience in your practice... Learn More
  • Flow + Baby

    Strengthen. Restore. Connect. Designed to recondition the muscles challenged by pregnancy and childbirth. Bring your baby, or come on your own!  Strengthen + restore your body and mind with other parents in this gentle, flowing yoga practice. Strengthen abdominal muscles and release tension in the hips, shoulders and upper back. Babies must be at least 6 weeks old to attend... Learn More
  • The Kundalini

    Clarify. Uplift. Enlighten. A unique offering which combines meditation, mantra, physical exercises and breathing techniques that encompass the eight limbs of yoga into a singular practice. Physically, a consistent Kundalini practice will: strengthen the nervous system, expand lung capacity, purify the bloodstream, and build a strong immune system. Emotionally, a consistent Kundalini practice will: help to calm your mind, develop... Learn More
  • The Restore

    Relax. Unwind. Integrate The Restore is a restful practice open to everyone, especially to those wanting to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Restorative Yoga is done mostly lying down, with the support of props for all poses. The restorative postures in this class were formulated as a way to deeply calm the body, by easing the mind and the central nervous... Learn More
  • The Restore + Reiki

    Recharge. Rest. Heal. Deeply restore in this Restorative Yoga class with the additional offering of healing in the form Reiki. This class soothes the soul and encourages the release of deep-rooted mind-body tension. The body is supported throughout the practice in specific effortless postures lying down, with the use of bolsters, blankets, blocks and straps. Restorative Yoga calms the central... Learn More
  • The Prenatal Flow

    Confident. Connected. Strong. This class will focus on breathing, flexibility, relaxation and toning with postures intentionally sequenced for expecting mothers. Build the courage and strength necessary for pregnancy and labour, and maintain your agility for a quicker recovery after birth. This class will leave you feeling confident, connected and strong. This class is a great way to meet other pregnant... Learn More
  • Pilates + Baby

    Energize. Integrate. Tone. A pilates class designed specifically for reconditioning your body after pregnancy and childbirth. Bring your baby or come on your own!  This class will focus on strengthening the abdominal wall and pelvic floor. Your instructor will address postural issues and muscle imbalances created by pregnancy. Babies must be at least 6 weeks old to attend this class... Learn More
  • The Misfit Method – Pilates Get Cheeky

    Burn. Invigorate. Hone. A Pilates class designed to build strength in the lower body through lots of glute work. Think hip rolls, dips, lifts and squats. You’ll feel it most in the inner and outer thighs, hamstring, side glute & under glute.  This class really works the lower half, and you can make it as intense as you like. Choose... Learn More
  • The Misfit Method – Pilates Get Lifted

    Intensify. Integrate. Uplift. Fluidity and seamless movements builds a deceptive intensity in this class. Pilates sequences move from body part to body part to keep you fully present.  This is a full-body workout, so you’ll feel it everywhere. You may be pleasantly surprised by the burn that will sneak up on you, feeling it days later. Mat is required. Learn More
  • The Power Pilates

    Sweat. Energize. Transform. This upbeat, fast-moving class focuses on working multiple muscle groups at once using your own body resistance and light hand weights to fatigue muscle groups without bulking them up. You’ll feel muscles you didn’t even know existed. Strengthen your core, increase your flexibility and your stamina while toning your body to great music.  We recommend having some experience... Learn More
  • The Pilates

    Strengthen. Balance. Stabilize. Focus on alignment, breathing and developing a strong core, while improving coordination and balance. Working with props such as resistance bands and weighted balls, you will isolate and strengthen specific muscle groups. Open to all levels, The Pilates is essential if you have a regular movement practice, as it will acquaint you further with the unique mechanics... Learn More
  • The Prenatal Pilates

    Energize. Connect. Strengthen. A pilates class designed to strengthen deep abdominal muscles from the inside out, using movements specifically for your pregnant body. Our prenatal pilates classes are both energetic and nurturing. In this class, a special focus will be placed on strengthening the pelvic floor. We will practice deep breathing to help lengthen, tone and strengthen your muscles in... Learn More
  • The Healing

    Heal. Quiet. Reconnect The Healing combines Reiki Healing with Meditation to guide you deeper into an internal state of awareness. You will be guided through simple, accessible meditations while being offered hands-on Reiki healing to assist in inviting in balance. Calm the body, calm the mind, and feel the soul. This gentle offering replenishes the body’s energy systems, leaving you... Learn More
  • The Meditation

    Calm. Focus. Reflect. Explore a variety of techniques to calm the central nervous system and create space for peace. No experience is required to meditate with us for your first time. Our custom meditation props will support you in a comfortable position so you can focus on your meditation with ease. Most of the class will take place seated, but... Learn More
  • Barre + Baby

    Ground. Sweat. Connect. A fun and effective ballet barre-inspired workout that will create lasting results. Strengthen, lengthen + transform your body from head to toe. This class is designed specifically for reconditioning your body after pregnancy and childbirth. Bring your baby or come on your own!  Babies must be at least 6 weeks old to attend and are welcome to... Learn More
  • The Barre

    Sculpt. Align. Sweat. A fun and effective ballet barre inspired workout that will create lasting results. Strengthen, lengthen + transform your body from head to toe. This class will improve your balance, flexibility and alignment while creating long, lean muscle definition. Feel supported by the ballet barre and keep the beat to fun and uplifting music. This practice is low... Learn More
  • The Power Barre

    Energy. Strengthen. Balance. A challenging class is a step up from The Barre; think increased cardio, intensity + sweat. Improve your flexibility, stability, balance and alignment while redefining your core and toning all of your muscles. This class is fast-paced and high energy, set to upbeat music and is the perfect opportunity to take your fitness routine to the next... Learn More