Our Team

Signy Gissurardottir

Hi! I’m Signy, the owner of 889. I believe that physical + mental health go hand in hand in your overall wellness. Moving + sweating every day is a big part of my life. Spiritual curiosities started for me as a child, which is what drew me to meditation and to my first class at 889 back in 2014. Self love, self–care and connecting with yourself + others in the community is the pillar of 889 and what I continue to nurture here. I enjoy listening and connecting with our members to continue serving the community better. I am so grateful each and every day to be a part of this beautiful space, working alongside my incredibly thoughtful team + caring teachers.


Jenny Tellier

I’m Jenny, the Shop Curator at 889! I’m an artistic soul and love making beautiful things + making things beautiful. I’m also the Founder of RAUQ, a high-vibe, crystal jewelry line which we carry in The 889 Shop.

Shauna Gillon

I’m Shauna and I believe that wellness (mental and physical) are key components to living a happy and balanced life.  I’m passionate about fitness, and enjoy strength and conditioning training. I love being a part of the wellness community as it gives me the opportunity to interact with so many amazing individuals.

My favourite classes is The Release + Restore, as it is the perfect combo of the yin and restorative methods.


Hi, I’m Leticia, the cleaner at 889 Community. I believe that an organized space brings harmony and helps us to be happy, healthy and peaceful. That’s why it’s a pleasure for me to prepare the rooms for the classes and to make sure you can enjoy it at the most, having a cleaned and organized area during your practice.

You might find me quietly going around the studio, that’s because I always assume you are in a meditative state, however, I’m always open to help with anything you might need and also to talk if you are feeling like it.



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