New to 889

Welcome to the community!

We create positivity and joy to enhance the overall well-being of our community. We are open 7 days a week with over 80 classes to guide you through the mindful practice you are seeking.



Arrival: Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before your class.
Waiver: You must fill out a waiver before attending any 889 classes. This can be completed online HERE or in studio.
Check-in: Make sure you check yourself in on the 889 iPads at the front desk when you arrive for class.
889 home: Once you have signed your waiver and checked in, we will give you a full tour so you can navigate the space like you’ve been here for years!


Lockers: We provide lockers with keys in the change rooms. Be sure to lock your things and bring your key with you to class.
Showers: We provide complimentary towels in the change rooms and each shower stall has shampoo, conditioner and body wash. We also provide a blow dryer and hair straightener in the women’s change room.
Mat storage: For your convenience, we provide a space for you to store your mat at a monthly rate of $15.

What you need for class

Props: You will need a mat for all classes. You can rent a mat for $3 or bring your  own. Barre classes require barre socks, which can be purchased in the 889 Shop. All other props are provided by 889. The props we use in all classes are by brands we selected for their quality and integrity.
Water bottle: We have a water filter station on the 2nd floor where you can fill up. Some classes will get hot so you will want to have water on hand. Make sure to hydrate well before and after class.
Wear: We encourage you to be comfortable and come prepared to move.


We encourage you to let us know of any medical conditions or injuries that you might have, so that we may best serve you in our space. Please let your teachers know prior to classes so that they can support your practice and ensure an injury-free, safe experience.


889 holds time with the highest integrity. We are committed to starting and ending classes on time for you. Studio doors close precisely at class start time. Late entry is not permitted. This policy honours safety and peace in the studio.

Our mission is to inspire happy, healthy, peaceful lives. May this be the beginning of a loving and inspiring journey for you in our community.