Vinyasa Flow All

Equanimity. Expansion. Community. 

Vinyasa Flow All is a full body and mind conditioning yoga class. We welcome all students who regularly practice in a Vinyasa Flow 1 and Vinyasa Flow 2/3 to attend this class. The instructor will incorporate a variety of modifications for students and their respective levels, creating a communal space for everyone to work within their own practice. This will allow beginners the opportunity to explore more complex sequences and peak poses, while providing a challenge for more advanced students. A Vinyasa Flow All class at 889 is one of our favourite offerings because it brings together the community at large; in this class we will learn from and inspire each other. This is a fun class, full of possibility and exploration – we can’t wait for you to join in!

We recommend 6 months of practice in our Vinyasa Flow 1 classes prior to attending this class.