Pilates All Levels

Strength. Balance. Stability. 

This class is great for absolutely everyone! Pilates helps counteract the staleness our bodies gather from sitting for long periods of time. The class will focus on alignment, breathing and developing a strong core, while improving coordination and balance. Working with props such as resistance bands and weighted balls, you will isolate and strengthen specific muscle groups. Pilates is essential if you have a regular Yoga or Barre practice, as it will acquaint you further with the unique mechanics of your body. Pilates at 889 is not only a great way to develop your physical body but your emotional body as well. You will see an immediate improvement in your stamina and optimism throughout the day. Create positivity, joy and reduce stress in your everyday life!

This class is ideal for people of all ages and physical conditions. For additional support, there will be props available for assistance in each class.