The Best Is Yet To Come

I have yet to meet someone who enjoys being in pain.

Not the “I feel how hard my muscles are working” kind of pain, but rather the “my hips hurt if I sit too long” or “my shoulders are aching, and I can’t figure out why” kind of pain.

It’s also important to recognize that physical pain can be caused by more than just physical actions. How we feel emotionally contributes to how we feel physically- our issues are in our tissues sort of speak.

How we feel mentally also affects our body physically, likewise how we feel physically can affect our mental health.

The pain cycle goes something like this:

We feel pain in our body via an injury or chronic experience. We then tend to avoid any movement or situation that may potentially trigger that pain, which then leads to a decreased quality of life. When we look at avoidance, fear, and decreased quality of life, we finish the pain cycle by addressing mental health and stress…. Which then leads to more pain!

We deserve better for ourselves, and for our lives. We all deserve to have self care practices to break this cycle, and lead us on a brighter path of feeling mobile, and strong in our bodies.


It’s funny how this cycle can exist without us even really being aware of it. There are a million things that ask for our attention during the day, so we put onto the back burner the ones that cannot be addressed immediately. Eventually that back burner gets so overloaded, it all but bursts into our attention, so that we cannot ignore it.

I lived like this for a little while- I had chronic issues that I just accepted as normal daily experience, and carried on with things. Until I was introduced to the Tune Up Method.

I had used tennis balls, and golf balls before, but they were nowhere near as impactful as these magic little things. You see, sports balls are designed for sports. They are designed to be batted, and kicked, and thrown. They are not designed to connect deep into the hot spots of our body that speak to us everyday. To have a tool that is created with bodies in mind, means that its only job is to make sure YOU have the relief you’re looking for.


Our muscles are designed to do more than just hold us up. The push and pull, reach up and down, jump, step, lift, turn.. digest! I deeply believe that if we give our bodies the gift of restoring balance, it will thank us by working at its best.

If our body is feeling its best, it sets up all our other bodies; mental, emotional, and spiritual to work at their best as well. Truly, what better gift can we give ourselves, than the gift of being our best.


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