You Don’t Have to do This Alone

Healing Means to Discover Wholeness… and we don’t have to do it alone.


How are you? Are you surviving, managing or thriving, or perhaps a bit of everything? Life can be difficult. We all suffer at times.

There is support. As human beings, we are hard wired for connection, yet many of us dismiss it. Our conditioning may have installed a belief that we can do it alone.

Support and interconnection are some of my favorite themes, in part, because I just am a highly relational human being. I am also a student and teacher of yoga, which is about interconnection and I am trained in counseling and psychotherapy. 

I want to highlight one of the ways I help people to compassionately understand themselves and enhance their quality of life. It is called Relational Somatic Healing.

What is this? Let’s break it down.


“There is a voice that does not use words. Listen”. Rumi


Relational: is the first word and it is vitally important because we grow and heal best in the context of a safe environment where we are witnessed and supported by a compassionate other. I serve as an empathetic guide or facilitator to your exploration. I believe that you are the expert on you. 

Somatic: Soma is a Greek word that refers to unity of the body and the mind. I get really excited about this approach as a yoga, movement and mindfulness enthusiast! Somatic healing is a modality that incorporates bodily ways of knowing. Clients learn to listen, feel and trust the felt sense of their body and gather important information. This approach embraces body awareness, body inquiry and exploration; it is a different way of knowing that engages and respects the right hemisphere of the brain. While space is made for conversation, this modality draws on the experiential, creativity and intuition. In sessions, tools I might use to facilitate healing include: embodied mindfulness, movement, postural and somatic exercises, breathing, yogic philosophy, guided visualizations, meditation, focusing, inner child work and non-violent communication.

Healing: to me, healing is the process of recognizing and cultivating your own health and wholeness. Yoga philosophy believes that we are already whole. We are born this way and through life circumstances our wholeness may become obscured. I believe our task as human beings, is to find our way back to our wholeness.This path involves identifying the adaptations and defenses we adopted along the way to protect us, while simultaneously recognizing that they can also hinder us. New healthy belief systems and patterns can be established and practiced in the world. 


“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Rumi


This work feels sacred to me and I am honored to witness people’s journeys. I work collaboratively with people dealing with trauma, anxiety, depression, stress, addiction and relationship difficulties. I have a Master of Education in Adult Education, Community Development and Counseling Psychology and have studied Relational Somatic Psychotherapy for five years with the Three Fold Way and the Ryzio Institute. Currently, I am studying spiritual psychotherapy at the Transformational Arts College. I have completed numerous yoga and mindfulness training programs. Relational Somatic Healing takes place in the private Moon Studio upstairs at 889 Community.

This is an invitation to get in touch at [email protected] or reach out to The Happiness Team at 889 Community at 416-925-7206 if I may be of service.

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