My Top 5: Essential Oils for the Holidays

Hi 889 commUNITY (saw that recently, had to use it, how beautiful!).


LOVING you all up this holiday season. I created a VLOG for you on my top 5 Essential Oils for the holidays to keep us sane and joyful. As you all know, I’m always loving my essential oils. But especially this time of year, I’m using my Essential Oils on the regular to boost my immunity, create Peace within me, and protect my energy (BIG time). And of course, to make my whole house smell super Christmas-y au natural.


By now, you know I’m not into chemicals, synthetics, processed foods, or anything toxic on my body or in my home. With this video, I’m hoping to help inspire you and show you how easily you too, can learn about Essential Oils! Now onto the Top 5 that I know will support me and my family during the hustle and bustle of the Holidays…


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Christine's Top 5 Essential Oils for the Holidays


My Top 5 Essential Oils for the season include:
  1. HOLIDAY JOY: your home will smell like a Christmas tree! Pine needles, wild orange, cinnamon bark, nutmeg, cassia and vanilla.
  2. ON GUARD + MELALEUCA (or Tea Tree Oil): to create a Protective Shield for yourself amidst holiday parties, when you feel overwhelmed, or from people sucking the energy out of you.
  3. PEACE: to connect to Peace. Book I read from Emotions & Essential Oils.
  4. PAST TENSE: for headaches (’tis the season)
  5. FABRIC DRYER BALLS + LAVENDER: your laundry smells like it’s from Provence, France, all natural, delicious.

Sending you all LOVE. To our Toronto community, I look forward to seeing you at 889. Our space is so peaceful and tranquil. Enjoy it. I’m teaching Essential Oils Basics classes weekly until the end of this week, December 16 (Tuesdays 6-7pm, Fridays 11:15 – 12:15pm), come and learn if you are called.


To our online community, I’m sending you LOVE and inspiration, always.


If you have tried any of the oils I shared and have tips or favourites too, I’d love to hear. Share in the comments below!


* Oils #3 to #5 are available in-store at 889 Yonge Street. Visit us here.

** Learn more about how we use On Guard over here on the Blog

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