Jasmine Reid

Jasmine began practicing yoga in 2011, while exploring different studios and classes in her hometown. Drawn to the graceful flow and empowering poses, she quickly embraced the practice. Her travels across Canada, from Ontario to Alberta and British Columbia, only deepened her connection to yoga as she sought out community and learning opportunities in each new place.

Transformed by the impact of yoga on her life, Jasmine pursued her first yoga teacher training while living in Vancouver in 2020. Now, she’s dedicated to sharing her passion and experience by creating welcoming and supportive spaces to share her knowledge and experiences. With a focus on mindful movement, strength-building, and flexibility, her classes offer a blend of foundational poses and creative sequences, catering to students of all levels.

Jasmine’s dedication to yoga extends beyond the physical practice.  Her balanced approach incorporates lessons learned on the mat into all aspects of life. With a focus on intentionality and purpose, Jasmine encourages her students to apply the principles of yoga to cultivate mindfulness and fulfillment in their daily lives – on purpose, with purpose.

Instagram @jasminegraceyoga