Emma Morris

Emma (she/her) sparked her fascination with the moving body throughout her life-long studies of dance performance and creation. After completing a BFA in contemporary dance at Concordia University, Emma worked in Montreal for almost 10 years as a dance teacher, choreographer, and performance artist. With a personal practice of Pilates, yoga, and somatics supporting her mental health and community engagement along the way, Emma built her foundation on movement. After moving to Toronto in 2021, Emma deepened her passion for Pilates studying Matwork and Reformer with STOTT, and continues to take courses to enrich her qualifications. With a decade of teaching experience, thorough anatomy education, and enthusiasm for community, Emma now works to offer movement experiences that are invigorating for body and soul. She works directly with her clients to meet their needs. A safe place to explore, to strengthen, to lengthen, to mobilize, and to breathe together, Emma’s classes prioritize joy and connection.