Carolina Carvalho

Carolina started practicing yoga in 2000, while still living in Brazil. The inner peace found on the yoga mat sparked her ever-growing curiosity to learn more.
She took her first hatha yoga teacher training program in Toronto in 2006. In 2008, Carolina began studying yoga therapy in a clinical setting in South India and since then has been working one-on-one with individuals of all walks of life, dealing with specific needs and conditions to help them achieve optimal health and overall well-being.
Carolina creates a safe practice environment focused on the subtle exploration of body and mind. Through her own journey and teachings, she hopes to inspire people to live from a place of love and acceptance, realizing their fullest potential. Ongoing studies and practice, combined with a compassionate heart make her classes a soothing experience for mind, body and soul.
Most treasured source of inspiration: the ocean. Being in the ocean nourishes my soul. I feel supported, one with creation. Observing the waves, the agitation and the stillness makes me feel connected to the pulsation of life, aware of the infinite possibilities. The cleansing, healing power of the ocean never fails, carrying away all that is non-serving, creating space for fresh beginnings.