Keeping Active During times of Isolation

With change in the way we engage our bodies due to social distancing, quarantine, and isolation, many of us have lost our daily routine. Routine at home, work, social engagements, and with our physical and mental wellbeing

Less physical activity, including access to wellness centres, group classes, and team sports can create challenges in finding ways to engage your body while spending more time at home, which is one of the reasons we launched our online yoga, pilates, barre and meditation class platform.

Additionally, our daily workplace routine may have only changed location, but our workplace demands have not. We are spending more time not engaging our body. Physical activity can quickly fall off our priority list. One can easily spend more time having that cup of coffee in the same spot we send our emails, scan social networks, and watch our binge worthy Netflix. Leaving us feeling fatigued faster, seeing changes in our posture, feeling body aches, and a loss of motivation. Even our work gets effected! We are less productive, feeling overwhelmed and stressed easily. 

The key is set yourself up for success! The WHO (World Health Organization) shares its recommendations of “… 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity per week, or a combination of both... Broken down that ison average, 20 minutes a day. Seems a lot more manageable

Here are some great tips on how to keep your body and mind healthy during these social distanced times with our online movement and mindfulness offerings:


  • Take a moment to stretch! Midday distractions and lack of productivity can be refreshed with a change in pace. Stretching will help you reset your body, and refocus your mind!

The Stretch with Emily 


  • Relax. Yes, RELAX! By taking time to actually relax and focus on your physical and mental wellbeing you will be able to find success in your otherwise “not relaxing” day. In this uniquely layered class, you will mindfully explore various aspects of yoga such as: dynamic movement, breathing techniques, and meditation. 

Move and Meditate with Lisa  


  • Cannot leave your chair? Stay seated and engage your body with this online chair yoga class that you can do from anywhere! This will be a great way and change of pace while resetting your mind and reengaging your body.

Chair Yoga with Jermaine


  • Looking for something more challenging? This upbeat, fast-moving class focuses on working multiple muscle groups at once using your own body resistance and light hand weights to fatigue muscle groups without bulking them up. You’ll feel muscles you didn’t even know existed!


The Power Pilates with Stav


Keeping active while at home is a form of self care. Carve out time of each day to focus on yourself, enjoy and reset! You will find success all around by engaging in daily activity!


Stay healthy, Stay Safe! 

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