Sunny Smith

Sunny has always been delighted with the art of movement. A dancer from a young age, her passion for dance was stopped short after a serious car accident. After years of physical therapy and other forms of healing modalities, she happened upon yoga. Yoga transformed Sunny’s physical body and she knew this information must be shared with everyone.

Sunny has over 1000 hours of teacher’s training. A graduate of the Chakra Yoga school in Victoria and Downward Dog Yoga Centre. Sunny continues to study with master teacher’s Rachelle and Paul Gold, recently completed Tracey Sograhti’s Yin teachers training and, has completed Level one and Two at the Toronto Thai Massage school.

Sunny strives to create a welcoming environment where students feel safe, inspired and cherished. Guided througth intuition and knowledge Sunny’s class are filled with music, mediation and metta. Sunny encourages her student’s to evolve all aspect’s of one’s being; from body health to self realization. Spiritual practice are the means. They keep this glowing light in the foreground of your mind and allow you to see by it’s rays-Gurumayi Chidvilasananda.