Winter/Spring 2021 module descriptions, faculty, and elective dates are TBA.

Program Curriculum

Students in the Core Modules are expected to complete all hours in their entirety, as well as 40 practice hours.  Students are required to take 30 classes, observe 3 classes, and complete a remaining 7 hours either as practice or observation.  Students are also required to pass a written test at the end of each module in order to graduate.

Once students are finished their tests and module hours, they are required to teach a 30-minute class to peers, friends, and faculty.  This is a graded demo that must be passed before graduation.

The Core Modules + Practice Hours make up the 200-hour training.  In addition to this, students are welcome to sign up for a maximum of 3 electives to diversify their learning experience.  These are not mandatory and are signed up for on a first-come, first-serve basis. Elective dates and times will be released on September 18, 2020 and students will be given the opportunity to sign up.  Should students want to sign up for more than 3 electives, a discounted rate will be applied to those additional sign ups.

Core Modules

Human Anatomy  |  20 hours  |  Online

Asana Foundations  |  30 hours  |  In-class

Asana Integration  |  12 hours  |  In-class

Philosophy of Yoga  |  20 hours  |  Online

Sanskrit + Chanting  |  8 hours  |  In-class + Online

Subtle Bodies + Chakras  |  8 hours  |  In-class

Sequencing  |  15 hours  |  In-class

Cueing + Voice  |  12 hours  |  In-class

Intro to Meditation  |  10 hours  |  Online

Intro to Restorative Yoga  |  7 hours  |  In-class

Intro to Teaching Trauma-Informed Yoga  |  8 hours  |  In-class

Practicum Teaching  |  10 hours  |  In-class unsupervised

Elective Modules

Intro to Ayurvedic Medicine

Intro to Healing + Creative Teaching Tools

Intro to Handstands

Reiki Level 1

Teaching Pre + Postnatal Yoga

Business of Yoga

Teaching Chair Yoga + Yoga for Older Populations