Graduate Testimonials

“The Yoga Education Program at 889 was a beautiful experience. Having the opportunity to learn in a lovely space from such experienced and thoughtful faculty who truly love their work exceeded my expectations. 889’s program is well structured and the curriculum is broad, with lots of nice little extra touches, like a photo shoot and guidance for after graduation. I really appreciated the unique flexibility of this program, and how they’re willing to work with you to fit this around whatever else you have on the go. The studio’s staff were all supportive, kind, professional, and nurturing. Whether you’re looking to become certified to teach, to learn more about yoga, do some self inquiry, or even just find a supportive community, this is the place to do it. I signed up on a bit of a whim and this program became the defining element and favourite part of my year. Overall, completely transformative. Do it. You won’t regret it.” – Allison M., Fall 2019

“I am grateful to accomplish 889 YEP. It was an amazing experience and everyone I met were supportive and inspiring. I definitely felt transformation on some levels of my being!” – Eveline S., Fall 2019

“Lovely studio and professional staff and teachers. The training curriculum is well organized and thorough. The faculty is experienced and smart. By the end of training you feel like you are a part of a family. I loved my experience and highly recommend.” – Zlata J., Fall 2019

“I absolutely loved 889’s Yoga Education Program and would recommend it to anyone considering teaching yoga or wanting to deepen their personal practice. Intense and immersive yet also flexible, it was beautifully and thoughtfully organized and involved many surprises and special touches along the way. From the teaching faculty – some of the city’s best teachers – to the comprehensive list of included modules, I could feel the love that went into every aspect of this transformative program. Now that I’ve graduated and am preparing to teach my optional community classes at the studio, I feel I have been equipped with both the technical and soft skills to share what I’ve learned safely and effectively. And for that I’ll be forever grateful.” – Jermaine S., Fall 2018

“There is a yoga studio centrally located in downtown Toronto…it’s name is 889.  A beautiful whitewashed, sunlit space, shiny clean, the concierge staff and teachers – fabulous, welcoming, and skilled.  It’s where I just completed my Yoga Training. If you are contemplating a Yoga Training in Toronto, 889 is the first place to consider. Be prepared to be inspired -the faculty are outstanding, nurturing and inspirational.” – Gabrielle O., Spring 2018

“I was originally on the fence about whether I wanted to do the Yoga Education Program because I work full-time, but I couldn’t be happier that I decided to go ahead with the program! The staff and teachers at 889 were so nice and accommodating, and together we made it work with my schedule. Not only did the program deepen my own practice, but I also found the program extremely practical should I decide to teach in the future. You won’t find a better group of teachers elsewhere – they are all so professional and extremely skilled in their fields.”  – Monica Pulec, Spring 2018

Through the Yoga Education Program at 889, I had the opportunity to embark on a journey of self-exploration with an incredible group of classmates and teachers who each were unique and special but also like-minded in their quest for greater self-knowledge. The variety of teachers and the breadth of knowledge they brought to the program was exceptional, both in regards to their particular area of expertise and their experience as a working yoga teacher. The courses included in the program are detailed, relevant and not only facilitate professional success in the yoga world but have a tremendous impact on personal success as well.” – Christa Dickson, Spring 2018

“If I had to choose one word to describe by 200-hr Yoga Education Program at 889 it would be intense – but in the best way! Intense in that really earnest, fiery, demanding and life-altering way that leaves you tired, but energized, and curious, and excited all at once. From the physical space to the people in it, 889 was the most beautiful place for me to go on my inward journey, and I’m so grateful that I listened to that small voice inside me and took that leap of faith to sign-up for the program.” – Graduate, Fall 2019

“889 is a bright, well-lit space that holds clean lines, with a lovely and inviting ambiance. The teachers are dedicated, knowledgeable and are passionate about their practice. They share these specialties in unique and powerful ways, helping transcend the yoga classes into brilliant learning environments.  The 200-hr Yoga Education Program, which brought me to 889 in the first place, has created a new dedicated member. Thank you so much 889!” – Sarah Marcantonio, Spring 2018