Yoga Education Program: FAQ

Do you offer Yoga Education Program Information Sessions?

Yes! 889’s Information Sessions are 1 hour in length and will give you the opportunity to speak with a few of the program Faculty.  We will go over what to expect in the program, individual modules, and spend time answering your questions. You are welcome to join us for a complimentary class with one of your Faculty members directly prior to the Info Session as well. Check out our Events Page for Info Session dates and times.

Who is your Training Program for?

The 889 Yoga Education Program is for both the committed and curious practitioner. It is equal parts demanding and transformational. For that reason, we believe the training is for those seeking to teach and those seeking to learn on a deeper level. We see some graduates go on to have fruitful yoga teaching careers and others relish in a newfound relationship to their practice, the art of yoga and themselves.

How proficient in yoga do I need to be to enroll?

We recommend (but do not require) a minimum of 6 months practicing yoga and/or meditation or studies in other related mind-body disciplines. We strongly recommend that you begin a regular practice at 889 prior to the program commencing, with a focus on 889 Vinyasa Flow classes. This ensures you get the most out of your 200-hour Training Program.

What have past graduates said about the program?

Read through some of our most recent Graduate Testimonials

Do I need to be interested in teaching?

As mentioned above, it is not required that you join us because you intend to teach. The 889 Yoga Ed Program is your journey and can take on any unique form you choose it to. While it is shaped to leave you with the skills, confidence, and education for teaching, it isn’t necessary for that to be your chosen path.

How long is each module and when do they take place?

Each module varies in length depending on its contents and what is required of the students in terms of depth and knowledge. We work with the Faculty to decide on how best to deliver the material and what length of time is conducive to the best learning. Some modules are just one day in length, while others are held in 4-8 hour time slots over several weeks (with short breaks throughout the day).

What is unique about 889’s Yoga Education Program?

There are several key elements that set this training apart from any other.

  1. There is a breadth of knowledge covered in a condensed time in this program – you are going to receive huge value when it comes to education.  We are also very thoughtful about the sequencing of modules and your experience as you move from one to the next.
  2. We’ve introduced the opportunity for mentorship by a practicing Yoga Teacher from 889. Students take part in two mentorship events hosted by 889 and have the opportunity to pick the brains of their favourite teachers. 
  3. We offer graduates the opportunity to teach Community Classes immediately following graduation. This by-donation class is a great way for you to start practice teaching on the 889 clientele. Having the opportunity to teach at one of Toronto’s best studios will be a huge asset to your resume.
  4. You become a Community Member at 889 from the beginning.  When you sign up for the full program you receive a Member discount on 889 shop items, special events, and workshops. You will gain access to all of our amenities, from shower towels to hair products and tools, to our change room and lounge spaces. You’ll also receive a complimentary unlimited 6 Month Membership. Attend as many classes as you’d like and get to know the teachers, staff, and your fellow members.

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What is included in the training?

The program includes:

  • 11 weeks of training
  • All core modules
  • Up to 3 electives
  • Mentorship
  • Unlimited membership
  • Workbook and training kit – made up of some of our favourite 889 wellness products
  • 10% shop and workshop discount

What style of yoga is your program based on?

Experience soulful Vinyasa Flow Yoga, influenced by the Prana Flow teachings of Shiva Rea balanced with strong components of Yoga Anatomy, Yoga Philosophy, Restorative Yoga, Sanskrit, Chanting and Meditation.  We also offer specialized Modules teaching Restorative Yoga, Healing Modalities, and Trauma-Informed Yoga.

Who are the Faculty members and what are their credentials?

Our Fall 2020 line up is TBA.  Please stay tuned!

How many students are accepted into each training?

The capacity of the program is 20 students.

Can I sign up for modules on their own?

Yes, you absolutely can! If you’re interested in taking a module or two, you can sign up for these as you would other 889 events.

What if I miss a class?

If you miss a class, we can work with you and the instructor to schedule a makeup time. This time is considered a private session and is priced according to our private class fees.

Will I get teaching experience through this program?

Yes! From the beginning, we’ll have you practicing with your peers in the practical and hands-on modules. Once you’ve graduated, we’ll send you the details for scheduling your Community Classes at the studio.  A ‘by-donation’ class will give you the chance to practice your new skills and further immerse yourself in the 889 community.

Are books and reading materials included?

We have a list of recommended books and resources that are not included in the cost of the program but are simply a suggestion to help guide you through the program. There will be 3-5 books and resources that are mandatory to support your learning and are an additional cost to the program.

Will there be homework and assignments throughout the program?

Most work will take place during class time, but you can expect approximately 1-2 hours in addition to class time each week for reading and small assignments.

How many practice hours do I need to complete throughout the program?

It is required that you complete a minimum of 40 practice hours. For our YTT, we’ve broken it down to the following:

  • 30 in-class practice hours attending classes at 889
  • 3 in-class observation hours – observing and taking notes on teachers you are drawn to at the studio
  • 7 in-class practice or observation hours (based on your style of learning, you choose the rest!)

Do you offer a payment plan? If so, how does it work?

We do! The investment for the program is $5,500+hst.  We will work with you to create a payment plan that fits into your budget. Upon registration, a non-refundable $500+hst deposit is required to reserve your spot. From there, we can offer you to break the remaining amount into 2-4 installments. All payments must be finalized by the last date of the program and your first payment must be made before or on the first date of the program.

Okay, I am interested!  What’s the first step?

If you’re ready to register, simply click here to send in your application form.

If you’d prefer to chat with a member of our Happiness Team, we’d love to meet with you or schedule a phone call.  Reach us at 416.925.7206 or