Tuning in: When I need Napping versus Mapping

christineEasing my way into 2017…


Anyone else with me? I have been really tuning in. I have been resting my way into this year, taking care and slowing down. When I listen, this is what my body is asking for. If you know me, I’m more inclined to fly high into a New Year, but the start to this year has called for rest, reflection and prayer. So while everyone else has been 2017 vision mapping, I have been NAPPING.


2017, I will map you beautifully when it calls. Until then, there are four essential oils that I have been using in my bath and in my bedside diffuser as I reorganize my energy.



tuning in - napping versus mapping - essential oilsArborvitae (Canadian Pacific Northwest tree):

The Oil of Divine Grace. Arborvitae is a grounding essential oil which teaches us that Divinity is everywhere and progress doesn’t need to be made through struggle and solitary effort. L O V E. More on Arborvitae in this blog post.


The Oil of Light. This one awakens the soul to truth and light.


The Oil of Truth. This oil invites you to let go of lower vibes and negativity. It creates new perspectives based on light and truth.


The Oil of Wellness. This Oil encourages you to take full responsibility for your health and teaches us how to claim our wholeness and heal.

These essential oils are so much more than pretty little bottles to smell. This is my perfect blend for the start to this year. How are you tuning in to what your body is asking for? Share with us in the comments below. 

2017, I’m loving you softly and slowly.

If these essential oils are speaking to your heart, as they do to mine, I’m teaching (twice weekly) a free Essential Oils Basics class on Tuesdays 6:00-7:00pm and Fridays 11:15am-12:15pm at 889. 

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