The Healing Power of Reiki


Reiki is a practice that more and more people are talking about these days, but few are sure as to what Reiki actually is and why would you want to incorporate this healing technique into a regular practice. I’ll break down what it is, what to expect in a typical session, and why you leave feeling so much lighter. It is a subtle energy with powerful effects.

What is Reiki and where did it come from?

Reiki is a form of energy healing that originated in Japan by a man named Mikao Usui in the mid 1800s, and has been used across the world ever since. Dr. Usui became fascinated with stories from ancient texts, in particular those that showed individuals performing miracles and spontaneously healing others with just the touch of the hand. After becoming discouraged by the limited depth of information found in text, his curiosity lead him to a 21 day pilgrimage where he would fast and meditate from morning to night in an attempt to connect to higher consciousness and receive the insights and knowledge that he sought. On the last day of this journey he received what he was looking for, and went on to share and teach this knowledge with others.

Reiki simply means “Universal Life Force Energy, or Universal Love”. It is the highest vibrational energy on the planet, and is the pure source of everything. This energy is what we and everything around us is made of. When we hear, “everything is energy”, this is what we are referring to. We cannot fully heal or come into alignment with our highest self if we don’t go to the root cause of what is causing our pain, blocks, or misalignment. And this root is in the energetic field. We can get by, absolutely, and sometimes our energy will release what is no longer serving us on its own, but having a practice where you are conscious of what your blocks are and clearing those blocks right at the source, is what will create profound change in your life and elevate you in a gentle, yet profound way back to the person who deep down you know you are.

How do healers use Reiki?

The Reiki practitioner is a channel for this life force energy. Much like breathing, the Reiki healer will act as the set of lungs for this light by bringing the energy through their vessel, and into yours. And with breath, the energy knows where to go, without any direction. The mind often finds it difficult to grasp what is happening, as the functions of the mind are far too limited to understand this cosmic force. The confirmation the mind needs always comes in the form of the healing itself.


What does it feel like?

The effects and sensations will be different each time as what you need in any given moment is always changing. Most commonly individuals will experience a feeling of deep peace andtranquility. Some feel tingling sensations as the energy moves through your bodies, others feel heat coming from the hands of the practitioner, and others will feel nothing at all. You may see colours or vivid images, receive insights into experiences that you had not had before, and you may not. Each time is different, but the Reiki is always giving you what you need.

What will the Practitioner See and Feel during the session?

Because energy is a Universal language, the practitioner does act as a translator and a bridge for this energy. As they are channeling and moving into your energy field, they may receive insight into what your mind maybe can’t put words to or identify. This can be helpful when you are going through challenges in your life, or simply need guidance from the Universal perspective. Some practitioners will receive visions, knowings, or be able to read your energetic field in a way that can give you access to information that you would need to know at that time. This is not always the case, but as with anything it is important to develop a trusting relationship with your healer.

Why should I receive Reiki?

You can think of Reiki like an energetic bath. Just as you cleanse and wash your physical body, your energy system needs the same maintenance (especially because everything is energy!). We all as humans accumulate a lot of build up in our energy fields over the course of our life time, and even in day to day interactions we often end up carrying things that are not ours, or that don’t necessarily make us feel our best. By having a regular practice of clearing, you will feel much lighter, and far more like yourself.

How often should I receive Reiki?

This will be up to the individual, but if you are around people alot or in the role of a healer/nurturer, once a week is recommended. If you simply need a tune-up every now and then, once a month or a few times a year is great as well. There is not rule on this, so it will be up to your own individual practice, but like anything else, the more consistent you are with your practice, the more you will benefit from it.







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So much Love, Tara

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