Vanessa DeZutter

Artist, Storyteller, Teacher, Energy Worker. Vanessa is the holder of many titles, but more than anything she is passionate about empowering people through movement, meditation and conversation. She thrives on meaningful moments, creative collaborations and the immense transformative powers each of them hold.

Vanessa’s teaching practice is rooted in the foundations and lineage of Vinyasa yoga, but steps outside the traditional lines of the yoga experience. Vanessa leads various styles of movement and meditation classes that depart from tradition to offer a mix of supportive and empowering¬†¬†modalities to help you become more connected with your body and mind. Vanessa is known for her powerful practice, intuitive understanding of the body and her creative and engaging teaching style. Her classes are set to specifically curated music to connect movement, breath and experience on a deeper level.

As a teacher, Vanessa seeks to pass on her deep love and the power of movement and meditation as medicine, by inviting others to dive inward and experience connection with themselves.