Lisa Mitchell

Lisa has been practicing yoga since 2002. Lisa completed her first yoga teacher training at the Esther Myers Yoga Studio. In 2012, Lisa completed a restorative yoga teacher training and an additional 300-hour training at the Octopus Garden Holistic Yoga Centre.

As a mother of two daughters, Lisa credits yoga with helping her to practice acceptance and remain present and grounded most days! Lisa possesses a Master of Education from the University of Toronto in Adult Education, Community Development and Counseling Psychology. Her work has always focused on education, previously delivered in social services and public health. Lisa is awed by yoga’s capacity to transform and heal and offer strategies for living beyond the mat. Lisa has taught yoga to women recovering from substance abuse and women who have experience violence. She co-developed and teaches a therapeutic yoga group for women experiencing anxiety and depression at St. Michael’s hospital. Lisa is drawn to the psychological and emotional benefits of yoga. Whether teaching beginner or more advanced students, Lisa’s classes are welcoming and offer a meditative flavor. Metaphor, poetry, quotations and imagery are often woven in to enrich the learning experience.