Lisa Mitchell

Since my twenties I have been fascinated with how people change and human potential. My journey has been one of seeking, exploring, testing and questioning. I was fortunate to discover yoga when I was pregnant with my first child in 2002. It has been my companion every since. I completed my first two-year yoga teacher training at the Esther Myers Yoga Studio. From there I pursued a three hundred hour training and restorative yoga education at the Octopus Garden Holistic Yoga Centre. As a curious human being, I am a passionate life-long learner. I continue to be a student of yoga philosophy and energy work. I hold a Master of Adult Education in Community Development and Counseling Psychology from OISE/UofT and have undertaken a three-year relational somatic psychotherapy program called the Three Fold Way. Currently, I am studying spiritual psychotherapy.

I am particularly interested in how yoga and mindfulness enhance mental health and I am skilled in offering trauma sensitive yoga. Movement, breath and mindfulness are key pillars in my own emotional well-being. Yoga has provided me with the opportunity to support individuals dealing with addiction, trauma, stress, illness, anxiety and depression through classes, workshops and individual sessions. I have taught yoga and wellness in a variety of settings such as treatment centres, hospitals, schools, churches, workplaces, hotels and studios reaching adults, teens, children, seniors, and new moms. I believe yoga is for everyone. My values of compassion, accessibility and collaboration permeate my teaching and poetry and quotations are frequently interwoven. I remain awed by yoga’s capacity to heal and to offer lessons for every day living.

In addition to teaching classes at 889, Lisa offers relational somatic counseling sessions. Visit to learn more about Lisa and the services she provides.