Kathy Parsons

Kathy is a Toronto-based yoga teacher and meditation guide who specializes in helping people connect to themselves through movement and breath.

Having been on over 25 international health retreats over the years, Kathy is a self-proclaimed ‘retreat addict’ (and a type-A in recovery).  Kathy left the corporate world in 2014 to provide the ultimate energizing and balanced yoga and retreat experience for others.

Kathy’s teaching specialty is vinyasa flow, and her classes incorporate creative movements that strengthen and lengthen the body while staying connected to the breath. She also teaches moving meditation, restorative and yin yoga and mindfulness meditation. Classes are tailored to the students and include gentle hands-on adjustments and assists, inspirational music and an aromatherapy savasana massage.

“My philosophy is to provide the space for each student to connect with their mind, body and soul so they finish class feeling simultaneously lighter and more grounded. I encourage students to push themselves to their personal limits, while not taking themselves too seriously. Smiling and laugher is welcome!”

After a successful career in marketing and major gift fundraising, Kathy understands what it’s like to crave stillness and connection in a world that overvalues busyness. She’s combined her love of business and wellness together with her company

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