Julia Wyncoll

Julia is a dynamic teacher committed to staying at the top of her field. She has been engaging students as learners for over 25 years. Originally a modern dancer, being expressive and able to use her body has always been a cornerstone in Julia’s life.

Julia’s ever-constant curiosity about the body lead her to study with some of the top minds in movement.  Julia is a graduate of the continuing education program with Dianne Miller and has rounded out her study of the Pilates Method with longtime pilates experts such as Michelle Larsson, Karen Carlson, Ron Fletcher and more. She continues to love and practice Pilates weekly.

Julia is a level 3 Franklin Method Educator and is proud to be offering Franklin Method workshops throughout Canada. The Franklin method’s influence is deeply felt in the way she teaches, encouraging students to be active partners in their learning and movement towards health.

In addition, Julia is a certified ELDOA 2 teacher, a 3-D level 1 teacher, and a FRCms ™. She brings all these complimentary tools to her teaching, using them to promote joint health promoting healthy ageing. Active recovery from sports, performance, and life is crucial to continued enjoyment in our bodies.

Top of mind is Julia’s “yes you can” approach.  It is vitally important that a student feel empowered in their workout session, safe, and secure in the learning environment, and able to strive for health with confidence. Whether she is teaching teachers, athletes and performers, or the everyday person, Julia believes the students’ positive experience is crucial to the success of any movement session.  Caring and supportive teaching supports an upward spiral of both mindset and strength.