Corrie Teahen

Corrie Teahen began a journey of integrating her passion for body and movement through yoga in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her engagement with instructors at Semperviva Yoga brought Corrie to a place of self-discovery, spiritual growth, and reunion with one of the most sacred energies – breath.

Corrie completed a 200-hour yoga certification with Semperviva and began to contribute her unique blend of teachings and synthesis of form to Vancouver’s yoga community. Corrie has studied with Yoga Works, where she uncovered her ardor for the Vinyasana flow practice, and has completed intensive training with Shiva Rea in Los Angeles, California. She also has studied with Tracey Sogharti and is a certified Yin Yoga teacher, incorporating the chakra theory and traditional Chinese medicine into her classes.

Corrie has completed a Masters in Social Work at the University of Toronto, with a specialization in Mental Health and also works as a therapist.