Chrys Muszka

Chrys embraces the yoga practice full spectrum, teaching with passion, precision, and a pinch of mysticism. 

He’s been teaching yoga for over 10years, and practicing for well over 20years. Yoga found him when he was teenager, and he’s so thankful it.

Having travelled much of the the world over the years, he’s explored many different styles of yoga and spiritual practices. He enriches his classes with these experiences and teachings. Putting an emphasis on strength, stretch, and stability in movement based classes, and stillness and ease in restorative andmediation classes. Infusing all his classes with life affirming philosophy and interpretations of yoga knowledge.

He seeks to inspire his students to live authentic, holistic, and mindful lives. He does his best to lead by example. 

Beyond yoga, Chrys holds a Bachelors of of Honours in Environmental Studies, and spent over a decade as an Outdoor Educator. 
You can usually find him downtown vintage shopping, or off in the backcountry camping.