Anna Hardwick

Anna is a passionate yogini and movement junkie, a Certified Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher and Personal Trainer Specialist (Can-Fit-Pro), teaching yoga and meditation in studios, offices and homes across Toronto and internationally, since 2008. Her love of yoga began at the age of 13, when she attended a class with her entire family.  She completed her Teacher Training in 2008 at The Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica, studying with Don and Amba Stapleton. She has continued her studies in Toronto with an advanced training in Yin Yoga with Tracey Soghrati, as well as Prenatal, Therapeutics and Restorative yoga as well as Meditation.

Anna is fascinated by the transformative potential of the practice, and is in awe at its ability to bring awareness, balance and peace to life.  The relationship between creativity and yoga is integral to Anna’s practice, with her background as a performer. Anna creates a powerful, fluid, meditative experience in her classes, with an emphasis on breath, rhythm and creative sequencing. Guided by compassion, Anna inspires her students to live more present, fluid, and integrated lives.

When not on a yoga mat, Anna can be found gardening at The Ferg, a vacation rental property in Prince Edward County that she co-owns, or acting, writing and producing in film and theatre projects.