Angela Morley

Ang discovered yoga in 2009 when she finally let her roommate drag her to her first class. She connected with the physical practice immediately and was overcome with acute nostalgia for her days as a gymnast.  The movement came naturally; the connection of that movement with her breath and her mind was what really pulled her in. It became therapeutic; she felt lighter, more balanced, more connected.

Since completing her teacher training Ang has dedicated her life to the learning and teaching of yoga.  Always a student, Ang credits the depth of her practice and teaching to Grace Dubery, Audrey Gentile, Kate Gillespie, Sheldon Shannon, Amica Hilton, and Juliana & Jonny Belinko.

Her good-humoured personality combined with her knowledge of human anatomy provides students with challenging classes focused on proper alignment where they can have a good time in the process. Her love of music always brings an eclectic playlist.  Above all Ang hopes to bring you lightness, more balance, and more connection.