Taking Care of Your Skin, Naturally

Curated by the team of Holistic Aestheticians at Province Apothecary


We all feel the effects of the cold, dry weather this time of year. Taking care of your skin can be easy, so long as you know how to effectively adapt your skincare regimen to reflect the change in climate. 


First step, exfoliate your skin! This will help slough away all of the dead dry skin cells sitting on the top surface of the skin. In turn, it will allow your other skincare products to work more effectively and penetrate deeper. Exfoliating every 3 days aids in maintaining a soft, supple texture and healthy glow to the skin. Try a gentle, effective exfoliant like our Regenerating + Stimulating Exfoliator.


Layering skin care products will add an extra barrier to protect your skin against the outside environmental elements. Applying a blend of moisturizing products is essential in increasing and maintaining hydration levels within the skin cells. Sometimes one just isn’t enough – we recommend using a potent + pure face serum underneath your favourite face moisturizer or face balm. Serums are packed full of antioxidants that protect the skin against free radical damage, therefore preventing the signs of aging. Moisturizers maintain the hydration levels within the skin and impart a supple, soft feel.


Hydration is key all year round, especially during Canadian winters. Drink water often throughout the day, and aim to consume around 3L daily. During these colder months, our bodies naturally don’t feel as thirsty or conserve water as effectively. We’re also losing fluids through respiratory water loss (ie. when we can see our own cold breath, that’s water vapour we’re losing). As a result, we have to make a conscious effort to consume more water, since our bodies aren’t signalling us with an intense thirst similar to what we’d experience during the summer time.


We recommend plenty of warm lemon water. Add an inch of raw organic ginger root for an added kick + anti-inflammatory boost (great for sore throats, too). Hydrating internally aids in preventing dry, cracked and flaky skin, among many other amazing benefits. 


Love your skin, no matter what season we’re in.  

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