The Yoga Lab

Have you ever encountered a pose in your yoga practice that you would like to explore more in depth + carefully?

In this class we will move through specific vinyasa sequences that set us on a path to our chosen peak asana or posture.
We will use a ladder approach towards a full expression of arm balances, inversions + backbends. We will explore peak asanas that often look or feel complex, and simplify them into achievable stages. The teacher will integrate the students’ goals into each class, creating a ‘workshop’ environment for the students to see see the developmental stages + growth in their practices. A theme in our yogic learning is a therapeutic inquiry of the Self.
Through self inquiry we observe:
1. Our breathing patterns
2. The equanimous nature of yin and yang.
3. Our commitment and goals.

End goal: research + verify practice methods over a life time.

*We recommend a minimum one year practice in vinyasa or athletic equivalent or permission by the instructor.